Your Easiest Ever Frugal February!

Posted by: On February 15, 2023 2:42 pm

Are you doing Frugal February? For anyone not yet on board, Frugal February is exactly what you need after the expense and indulgence of the holiday season! It’s time to start saving money, instead of splurging!


Your Easiest Ever Frugal February


Here’s Frugal February in a nutshell:

  • February is the shortest month, which makes it easier to succeed with!
  • Try to go no-spend, or at least low-spend for the duration of the month
  • Any spending should only be on essential items
  • Play board games, batch cook, take up crafting or a ‘free’ sport such as running
  • Make homemade toiletries!
  • Experiment with altering clothes for a better fit or new look
  • Tot up your savings as you go – it’s motivating to see your
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How to Care for Your Water Ionizer While on Vacation

Posted by: On December 28, 2022 12:04 pm

Happy holidays! It’s time to decompress, be with the people you love and slow life down a little. Eat well, share good times and make time for doing what nurtures you most.


How to Care for Your Water Ionizer While On Vacation


What Does a Water Ionizer Do on Vacation?

But wait. What about your water ionizer? It’s part of your everyday life, after all. For many people, the day starts with heading to their Tyent water ionizer for that first glass of antioxidant-packed, energizing alkaline water. It’s also the last thing they do at night before bed: grab a glass of Tyent water to sip before going to sleep. Your water ionizer is almost a member of the family!

So how do you care for your water …

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What Is a Water Ionizer and What Does It Do?

Posted by: On August 3, 2022 1:08 pm

Most people have heard of a water ionizer. But what exactly is a water ionizer, what does it do; and where does molecular hydrogen come into it?


What Is a Water Ionizer and What Does It Do


What does a Water Ionizer Do? Getting Back to Basics!

Let’s get back to basics, because it’s important to understand how water ionizers work, so you can harness their power for yourself.

A water ionizer is a small appliance, usually situated in the kitchen. The unit is plumbed in line with your water supply. There are two main types: above-counter models, that sit on your work surface; and under-counter water ionizer models that are fitted below the counter. They both do the same thing: transform your tap water into clean, filtered, …

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Water Ionizer Safety – Blog Updated for 2021

Posted by: On October 20, 2021 12:00 pm

How can you be absolutely certain that the water ionizer you buy is safe? Which water ionizers should you never buy?

Don’t buy a water ionizer machine before reading this!


Water Ionizer Safety


Taking Responsibility
Beware! Which Imported Water Ionizers Should You NEVER Buy?
Deadly Irony?
Tyent Water Ionizers: Certified and Safe
Check Out Our Cheat Sheet!


Taking Responsibility

With Covid-related supply issues and empty shelves in 2020, more people started to think about the wisdom of preserving food and finding ways of storing any surplus for leaner times.

Canning is a popular method of preserving, and nothing beats pantry shelves stacked with bottles and jars containing everything from beans and artichokes, to jam and marinara sauce.

There’s a reason …

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9 Reasons to Love Tyent’s EDGE 9000T

Posted by: On July 9, 2021 12:00 pm

Want to know the 9 top reasons why the Tyent Edge is the water ionizer that could transform your health, wellbeing and energy levels? Read on!


9 reasons to love Tyents Edge 9000T


  • The Edge – Sleek Style for Any Kitchen
  • Industry-Leading Filtration
  • Powerful Plates for Incredible Performance
  • Smart One Touch Technology
  • Cool Auto-Fill Selector
  • Easy Filter Replacement
  • Stylish Jog Dial Control
  • 3 Levels of Alkaline and Acidic Water
  • 360-Degree Water Outlet Dispenser


1. The Edge – Sleek Style for Any Kitchen

The Edge is a compact machine that’s perfect for smaller kitchens. One glance tells you how fabulous the Edge will look in any home. With sleek, rounded lines and genuine stainless-steel casing for a chic, high-end look, the slimline Edge makes …

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13 Reasons to Love Tyent’s H2 Hybrid

Posted by: On June 30, 2021 12:00 pm

Is 13 an unlucky number? Not if you’re counting 13 reasons to LOVE the Tyent H2 Hybrid machine! So what are the top 13 reasons why this water ionizer is making such big waves in the industry?

Let’s take a look!

  • First-ever Hybrid alkaline water ionizer and hydrogen water generator
  • LCD display and Touch Screen technology
  • Powerful dual filtration
  • Most technologically advanced machine yet
  • Push hydrogen water button
  • Hydrogen water jog dial
  • Fixed quantity selection option
  • Front-load filter replacements
  • Platinum-dipped titanium plates
  • 360-degree Smart Spout
  • The ‘legendary’ Tyent Turbo Button
  • Stipulation-free, no-quibble Lifetime Guarantee
  • Super-sleek design for ultimate kitchen style



13 Reasons to Love Tyent's H2 Hybrid


1. First-ever Hybrid alkaline water ionizer and hydrogen water generator

A groundbreaking industry first, the H2 Hybrid combines …

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13 Reasons to Love Tyent’s New UCE-13 PLUS Luxury Edition

Posted by: On June 9, 2021 1:01 pm

There are 13 good reasons why the brand new Tyent UCE-13 PLUS is considered our Luxury Edition water ionizer. Find out what they are right here!

  • Beautiful Professional Grade Stainless Steel available in two colors!
  • Easy to install filters
  • Super stylish looks
  • Advanced Dual Dialipure® Ultra Filtration
  • Alkaline and acidic water pre-sets
  • 13 powerful plates
  • Customizable design with Night-Mode display
  • Eco Mode
  • Turbo mode
  • Custom automatic self-cleaning
  • Industry’s first auto-fill quantity selector
  • XTREME Molecular Hydrogen Boost
  • Volume control, language settings…and lots more!


13 Reasons to Love the New UCE-13 PLUS Luxury Showroom Collection


1. We’re always looking for ways to improve. The UCE 13 PLUS is made with Professional-Grade Stainless Steel. It’s the only water ionizer in the world available in these two gorgeous colors: Satin Stainless …

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The Best Water Ionizer System for Sports Professionals – Updated Blog

Posted by: On March 24, 2021 12:00 pm

As well as acing their workout schedule, pro-sportspeople at the top of their game need to constantly monitor their nutrition and hydration.

Turning in your best performance isn’t just about the physical training – eating and drinking right is essential to help sports professionals retain their edge.


The Best Water Ionizer System for Sports Professionals


Which Water Ionizer Beats the Competition?

There are more water ionizers out there than ever before, but the gap between high-end, next-generation technology models and low-quality machines has become a gulf.

From a sports professional’s point of view – and anyone who likes to look and feel their energetic best every day – water that contains dissolved molecular hydrogen is the touchstone. Many water ionizers simply don’t produce it, and others …

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What Is the Best Water Ionizer Machine? Blog Updated for 2021

Posted by: On February 12, 2021 12:00 pm

A surfeit of information can lead to confusion. The internet is full of answers that only raise more questions.

In a world where every water ionizer company claims that their machines are the best, how do you know for sure who really does make the best water ionizer machines?


What Is the Best Water Ionizer Machine


We’ll cut to the chase: Tyent water ionizers really are the best in the world. What’s more, we can prove it.

How do I find the best water ionizer machine?
What water ionizer machine has won industry awards?
What water ionizer machine comes with the best customer care?
What water ionizer machine comes with the best guarantee?
What is the best water ionizer machine in the world?

How do

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What’s a Water Ionizer? – Updated for 2021

Posted by: On January 29, 2021 12:00 pm

What is a Water Ionizer?  What are the Benefits of Owning a Water Ionizer?

A water ionizer’s job is right there in its name. It ionizes water. But what does that really mean?


What's a Water Ionizer



How Does a Water Ionizer Work?

What’s in Ionized Alkaline Water?

Why is Acidic Water So Useful?

What is the Perfect Water Ionizer for Me?

Water Ionizer Benefits

How Does a Water Ionizer Work?

Let’s break it down a little. Your regular source water flows into the ionizer unit, where it is filtered and ionized by the process of electrolysis. This separates the water into two streams: alkaline and acidic water.

The result? Your water ionizer delivers glass after glass of perfectly ionized …

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