7 Big-Ticket Wellness Products That Are Worth It

Money spent on achieving and maintaining good health is something to be encouraged. But what if the big bucks’ products don’t deliver? How can you avoid wasting money on high-end promises that amount to nothing?

So, what’s worth the big splurge? We’ve got you covered with our guide to 7 big-ticket wellness buys that really are worth every cent.


7 Big Ticket Wellness Products


1. Personal Trainer

Personal trainers do not come cheap, but there’s no better way of helping you ace your fitness goals. No more lurking at the back of the HITT class, with your half-hearted effort flying under the radar, or missing three leg days in a row because of life. Nope. When you’ve got a personal trainer, you’ll suddenly feel that you want to be accountable and maybe even impress them with your progress. And that bespoke fitness program they’ve created around you? Expensive, but very effective.


2. A Fabulous Mattress

Without good sleep hygiene, none of your wellness pursuits will thrive. Sleep encourages physical energy, mental wellness and the drive to succeed. If your mattress is old, creaky, and no longer supports your body, then invest in a new one. A decent mattress can easily cost upwards of $2000, but when you start to benefit from nourishing sleep every night, you’ll know it’s worth that big-ticket price.


3. Hyperice Normatec Go Leg Massager

Tired muscles get targeted and revived fast with this brilliant portable massager. Increase blood flow, feel tension melt away and reduce any discomfort from over-exertion. Rechargeable and ready to use immediately, you’ll wonder how you manage without this.


4. Home Elliptical Machine

Nothing beats an elliptical machine for a second-to-none cardio workout that’s easier on your joints than hard surfaces. There are some excellent machines out there, but the best of the best must be the NordicTrack Airglide 14i Interactive and dripping with customization options to enhance its already impressive tech capabilities and performance, this is a big-ticket wellness product that is a real gamechanger.


5. Organic Fruit & Vegetable Box Scheme

A healthy diet that delivers multiple vitamins, fiber and minerals is vital to wellness. Supermarket produce can sometimes lack all the goodness you hope for, mainly because modern farming methods that keep prices relatively low, along with rising carbon levels have left vast swathes of land depleted of all the good stuff that makes fresh food so nourishing. Finding a local grocery box delivery that can supply nutrient-rich food right to your doorstep every week isn’t exactly the cheapest option, but your body will thank you!


6. Infrared Sauna Blanket

To be honest, something called an infrared sauna blanket sells itself. You’ll be happy to know that it does what it says on the tin, so to speak. We’re not just talking warmth, here, obviously. Nurturing layers of clay, amethyst, tourmaline and charcoal help improve circulation, deliver deep relaxation and help you glow from the inside.


7. Tyent Water Ionizer

Everyone is worried about water these days, with new contaminants in tap and bottled water discovered with alarming frequency.

You are what you drink, so make your water the cleanest, most delicious hydration possible. Tyent Premium Ionized Water contains:

  • Natural molecular hydrogen to enhance energy levels
  • Powerful antioxidants to help fight aging free radicals
  • Minerals to help support a healthy body
  • The perfect alkalinity to help you thrive

Tyent Alkaline Water is filtered to remove over 200 contaminants while leaving the precious minerals intact with increased bioavailability, thanks to the ionization process.


Affordable Luxury – We Can Help!

Big-ticket wellness products are even better when they’re also affordable. We can offer customer-friendly financing options to help you balance the budget. Call our team to find out more!


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