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"Soft Water Buddy" - Remineralization Filter


Pick up the Soft Water Buddy for use with your VERY soft water!

A soft water buddy is a remineralizing filter for people who have or use a water softener, for hard water and especially for people who have a reverse osmosis unit.

Ingredients of filtration media consists of 50% Calcite and 50% Corosex.

Calcite is a crushed and screened white marble media which can be used to neutralize acidic or low pH waters to a neutral, less corrosive effluent.

Clack Corosex® is a specially processed hard, bead-like magnesia adapted for use in filters to neutralize acidity by increasing the pH value.

Tested to NSF/ANSI 14 and NSF/ANSI 61 Standards


  1. Remove the plugs at each end of the filter by pressing down on the flange around the outside of each port at the ends of the filter.
  2. You can then install your 1/4 inch hose in each end. Be sure that the flow direction arrow is pointing towards the input side of the unit. The flow direction is there to show you how the water flows through the filter.
  3. During the installation process, be sure to flush filter with water to check flow and remove any sediment in filter and to activate filter media before connecting to ionizer.
  4. Replace every 6 months.


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